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Updated: Sep 17, 2019

How do YOU help parents and caregivers learn about Thinking Maps at YOUR school???

At PS 111X, Principal Celina Gutierrez knows how important it is for parents and caregivers to feel connected to what is happening in the classroom. Soooo... she enlisted Assistant Principal LaTanya Gray, lead Trainer Laura Silberman, and Implementation Coach Virginia Incao-Rogers to work with the teachers and the dedicated caregivers who came to school to learn about Thinking Maps. Superstar Parent Coordinator Ms. Anita Burrell did the important leg work of setting up the flyer, spreading the word and making sure the guests were welcomed with a good breakfast to get their day going!

The team started with a workshop facilitated by Virginia where they learned about the 8 Maps that they would soon see in action in the classroom. The adults engaged with hands-on Mapping activities and then journeyed into the Pre-K classrooms of:

Ms. Lori Spina to listen in on a discussion of "What did we learn in Pre K?" (What Map do you think they made??? ANSWER: Circle Map!)Ms. Bernadette Redmond & Ms. Gloria Olszewski to observe PK students answering the question "What are the parts of our classroom?" (What Map do you think they made??? ANSWER: Brace Map!)Ms. Amina Thomas to see complex thinking in action on "What is our morning routine?" (What Map do you think they made??? ANSWER: Flow Map!)

The photos below show the lesson Ms. Thomas taught as she had the students thinking about the steps of their morning arrival routine. She scaffolded the activity by providing the scholars with photographs of them engaging in their morning routines and then discussed the order of the different events. Each photo was then placed in order and attached to the paper, capturing the routine. Students then told and retold the steps of their morning routine as their adult caregivers looked on impressed.

Bravo, PS 111 in the Bronx for being committed to Thinking Maps AND the support community of parents, family members, and other caregivers!

How is YOUR school supporting parents & caregivers?

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