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Thinking Schools Training

Growing Thinking Students from the Inside Out

Thinking Schools International is an expanding group of educators from around the world focused on developing, implementing, documenting, and openly sharing the practices of explicitly improving all students’, teachers’, and administrators’ thinking abilities. In depth training resources are used at each step of the process and further supported by research based professional books. 


Three fundamental principles guide our work as discussed in the video below. 

What Are the Guiding Principles for Thinking Schools ?



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Here are the basic steps to the TSI Approach:


Our role is to support you in developing your vision and action plan for fostering the “Thinking School” approach within your unique learning community, region, or country-wide.  We support you over the years, as needed, by leading Training of Trainers workshops for developing your expertise.  Here are the steps forward that are adaptive to your needs:

Introductory Professional Development Workshop


Focused Implementation – 3 Pathways

Individual schools have different needs, and decide to focus on particular dimensions of thinking, from cognitive/critical thinking to dispositions or inquiry.  The successes by the schools in the Thinking Schools network have been sustained by leadership teams identifying which dimension is the best starting point.  Our particular focus is on supporting schools in implementing immediately practical student centered models across the whole school.  This creates an explicit, conscious whole school environment for focusing on applying thinking processes to directly to content learning and improved performance .  View this video for a preview of our student centered models:

What are the 3 Pathways for Focused Implementation ?

High Quality Training

All Thinking Schools International Directors are certified by Thinking Maps, Inc. and the Habits of Mind Institute in conducting training and follow-up in each of these approaches.  Questioning for Inquiry has been developed over the past few years by our team.  We are also able to arrange advanced Training of Trainers in each of these programs. Importantly, our unique design and high quality trainers know how to integrate these pathways together as your school decides to move forward, one approach at a time.  For more information see TSI Training and Certification

Habits of Mind for Dispositions

Visual Tools for Critical Thinking

Questioning for Inquiry

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