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Introductory Professional Development Workshop

The first step begins with your whole school faculty participating in a two day professional development workshop led by a certified TSI trainer.  Each participant is given the Growing Thinking Students guide (published by TSI: © 2014/2017) that is used during the highly collaborative training and as a continuing resource over multiple years as you expand your focus. This guide is translated for use in different countries.

All participants have access to a web-based version of the GTS guide and extensive resources and activities for immediately improving thinking across their whole school.  Specifically, you will have access to activities that engage the 6 Starting Points practiced during the seminar.



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Six Starting Points for Thinking

If your school only focuses on the use of this professional development experience, the GTS guide, and the related web-based resources, there will be immediate improvements in teaching, learning, and a renewed focus for your school, but possibly fewer long term changes in your school.  So the next step is crucial.

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