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Get Your Free Copy of selected complete Chapters of:

"Developing Connective Leadership: Successes with Thinking Maps®"

by Kim Williams, Larry Alper and David Hyerle 

If you want us to send you a digital copy of selected chapters of our book on leadership using Thinking Maps®, just send me an email at

Developing Connective Leadership has nearly 50 examples and in the context of school based case studies from the use of Thinking Maps® for leadership. All of the participants had engaged in leadership training offered by Thinking Maps, Inc. The book opens with a review of the literature on leadership, an introduction to Thinking Maps®, and a definition of Connective Leadership. The chapters focus on individual, interpersonal, collaborative (PLCs), schoolwide, and system wide applications.

Our research surfaced these 5 themes across all of these essential areas for leadership success: 

Five Common Themes

While the settings of our case studies vary, five common themes connect the stories we’ll explore:

1. Clarity: Connections drawn individually and collectively with a common language in hand

2. Efficiency: Communication that promotes and engages deep thinking

3. Collaboration: Engagementthroughacommonlanguageforthinkingontheoften

hazardous journey of problem solving and decision making

4. Empowerment: Affirmationofthepowerofthegroupandtheindividualswithinit not from positional power but from the latent power of their ideas

5. Sustainability: Constant dialogue across members of a learning organization as a prerequisite to viable, sustainable, and organizational growth over the long term

Just send me an email and you will receive chapters from the book, along with success stories you have using Thinking Maps®!

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