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Kestrel Education is the UK arm of Thinking Schools International.  In partnership with the University of Exeter, Kestrel Education developed the use of thinking skills as a whole school approach. It is now the leading organisation in the UK for a whole school approach to the teaching of thinking.

To provide support to schools Richard Cummins, Managing Director of Kestrel Education (and CEO of TSI) has brought together an experienced team of practitioners, all of whom have considerable experience and knowledge of thinking skills. All have worked in schools for many years and all still spend time in schools working with teachers, pupils and students.

Supported by serving headteachers and senior leaders who often provide consultancy and training, Kestrel, with TSI, are able to offer the broadest range of training in all the major recognised thinking tools and strategies along with many others which are used in other countries. Working with the Cognitive Education Development Unit at the University of Exeter, Kestrel and TSI also conduct research across the world which means the latest development and ideas can be brought to UK schools.

Kestrel Education is the only organisation in the UK able to offer accredited training in Thinking Maps and Kestrel Consultants have been trained and accredited by Art Costa, creator of Habits of Mind.  Within the Kestrel team there are registered trainers in all the major thinking skills and strategies.

UK Thinking School Accreditation 

Many schools have been awarded, and are in the process of working towards, Thinking School Accreditation from the the University of Exeter (Cognitive Education Development Unit.) TSI works very closely with the University of Exeter and this partnership offers further support for schools in the Thinking Schools Network, including advice on evaluation and assessment tools, opportunities for collaboration between the University and schools for research projects and credit points towards an MEd qualification.  

Thinking Schools Network

The TSI network consists of schools around the world, all of which are taking a whole-school approach to the teaching of thinking. The network exists as a focus for the development of thinking skills in schools. Schools share expertise and ideas and have the opportunity to come together for conferences and workshops. A number of the schools are linked and are jointly developing approaches.

TSI facilitates the network and sends information bulletins periodically. There is no charge to join the network and any school committing to taking a whole-school approach to teaching thinking is eligible.

For further information please register  contact and we will be in contact very soon.

To follow this whole school approach to the teaching of thinking, support from Kestrel Education includes:

  • 1 to 2 days planning with school drive team, develop action plan

  • 3 training days on different dimensions of thinking chosen by school

  • Dedicated, experienced advisor on hand throughout  the schools ‘ journey’

  • Member of TSI Thinking School Network which includes:
    -          Access to on-line restricted resources
    -          Growing Thinking Schools Guide
    -          Newsletters/updates
    -          Member of growing thinking community
    -          Links to schools overseas

  • CPD  courses, Training the Trainer and update Courses

  • Thinking Schools Annual Conference

View leaflet on the whole school approach and what it can do for your school.( Link School Package en desktop)

For further information about becoming a thinking school, contact Richard Cummins at Kestrel Education –
Tel: 01793 771 506

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