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TSI India


In April 2013 a partnership was established between TSI and Jas and Maneesh Johari based in Pune, India, to focus on developing Thinking Schools in India.  Jas and Maneeshs’ backgrounds lie in Tony Buzan’s Mind Maps, Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and more recently Art Costa’s Habits of Mind which inform the programmes they run in Indian schools – with the underlying aim to develop cognitive strengths in children.

This article from the Times of India reports on the visit by TSI Global Trainer, Terry Williams, who is running training and workshops in Pune for School Principals to be introduced to the concept of a whole school approach to thinking and what it means to be a Thinking School.  

More information about this event and TSI India will be posted soon.


Maneesh Johari: Tel: +91 (0)9822004223

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