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Thinking Skills and Dispositions - transform your school - now and into the future...

TSI is for teachers, whole schools, educational bodies and countries who want to develop 21st Century learning and thinking environments using thinking skills with proven impact across the globe. Adopting different pathways for thinking, this is a unique, sustainable, whole school approach to learning with student centred thinking at its heart.

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Top three findings from
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  • Raised student attainment
  • Improved teaching quality
  • Highly effective programs

Growing Thinking Students in Thinking Schools

Growing Thinking Students in Thinking Schools

Whether already a Thinking School or just starting out on the Thinking School journey this unique and essential resource contains everything a school needs to be a Thinking School. This interactive resource gives educators a step-by-step guide by means of a rich, multi-media experience with videos, audio, documents to download as well as collaborative opportunities.

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Resource Rich

As well as an experienced advisor on hand throughout your Thinking School journey, TSI offers high quality resources, designed by experts, to support each stage of becoming a thinking school.

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'...the biggest impact has been that the children are more indpendent in their work.'
- Head Teacher, Yorkshire

‘We want students who are able to think critically, reflectively and creatively, to be able to analyse and ask questions, to be able to listen with empathy, to be able to persist – and these are the skills a thinking school can offer students …’
- Principal, Amnuay Silpa School, Bangkok

'This approach has transformed the way we work at Rochester Grammer School.'
- Principal, Rochester

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A Whole School Approach

TSI Approach

TSI adopts whole school approach to the teaching of thinking.

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A whole school approach
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