Thinking Schools International

Growing thinking schools from the inside out

12 & 13 June 2017 International Thinking Skills Conference

  • Annual Conference, Swindon, UK

A unique whole school approach to the learning and teaching of thinking

Grow as a thinking school

  • visual tools for thinking
  • intelligent learning behaviours
  • questioning and enquiry skills

3 Guiding principles of Thinking Schools

  • All learners have innate abilities
    to think in a variety of ways
  • Active transfer of thinking processes
    to content learning is key
  • Student-centered models
    are needed for improving thinking

Starting Points for the thinking of whole school change

TSI is for teachers, whole schools, educational bodies and countries that want to develop 21st Century learning and thinking environments using thinking skills with proven impact across the globe.

Adopting different pathways for thinking, this is a transformative design affecting the thinking of teachers and students. It is a unique, sustainable, whole school approach to learning with student centred thinking at its heart.

NB: DON’T MISS OUR NEW COURSES IN MARCH 2017 (UK) Visual Tools for Thinking (including Thinking Maps) and Thinking Schools Coordinators

A Global Network

Australia New Zealand Dubai Ethiopia India Lithuania Malaysia Norway Ireland South Africa Thailand UK New York Egypt TSI Locations

Top three findings
from research with
Exeter University:

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    student attainment

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    teaching quality

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    Highly effective

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'I was going to email as well to let you know about our results - we came top of the borough and second in London. I thought you would like to know because we can link this directly to our involvement with TSI and an improved understanding of how to develop thinking in children. In particular, we had the most level 6s we've ever had!'Read MoreAsst Head Teacher, Whittingham Primary Academy, UK 2016