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TSI is for teachers, whole schools, educational bodies and countries who want to develop 21st Century learning and thinking environments using thinking skills with proven impact across the globe.

Adopting different pathways for thinking, this is a transformative design affecting the thinking of teachers and students. It is a unique, sustainable, whole school approach to learning with student centred thinking at its heart.

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The day with Terry went extremely well - we all enjoyed it a great deal and found it stimulating and most fruitful. Although we now need to really absorb it all ourselves and obviously put it into practice, we felt that Terry gave us a really thorough 'workout'!  She was efficient, to the point, enormously helpful and effective. She had taken great care to design the day to meet our specific needs and to familiarise herself with the Model of Education that we are using. We very much appreciated this.  All in all it was a complete success - now it is up to us!Director of Studies, London Girls School, 2016