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TSI is currently working closely with the Malaysian Ministry of Education on a major project, i-THINK , to help develop thinking skills in all Malaysian schools.  The Malaysian Government and Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM) jointly created the i-THINK project to equip Malaysia’s next generation of innovators to think critically and be adaptable in preparation for the future.


Following a three week fact-finding visit by Richard Cummins and Nick Symes of TSI to Malaysia in September 2011, it was agreed to begin the process of training a central team and the staff of ten pilot schools. The i-THINK project has three main objectives:

  • Nurture and develop innovative human capital
  • Increase thinking skills amongst children
  • Equip future generations with Higher Order Thinking Skills

In October 2011, a delegation from the Malaysian Ministry of Education and teachers from the ten pilot schools visited nine UK schools which have thinking skills embedded securely in their curriculum and teaching.  The delegation and teachers expressed amazement at the quality of what they observed.  On their return to Malaysia, they presented their findings and commented very positively on what they had seen.

In November 2011, six Kestrel trainers spent three weeks in Malaysia, working closely with the team for five days.  Trained and equipped with the basics,  the newly trained facilitators  began the three month pilot in January 2012, supported by our team of TSI Global Trainers and on-line resources.  These pilot schools are now members of the growing Thinking Schools Network

The following video gives a comprehensive insight into the innovative iThink project in Malaysia, with the full backing of the Malaysian Ministry of Education.

In June 2012, staff in one hundred schools were trained and in May 2013, the current number of trained schools stands at 510 (including ten pilot schools).  In the summer 0f 2013 a further five hundred schools will be trained as the next phase of the iThink project rolls out.

This video gives an example of how the iThink Project was implemented at KL Wen Hua School in Malaysia.

During a visit to Malaysia in early 2013, David Hyerle talked to the Headteachers and members of the iTHINK project about Visual Tools.

Current Situation:

The I-Think programme faces a huge challenge – how does it scale up activity from the current uptake of a few hundred schools to its final goal of all 10,000?  Agensi Innovasi Malaysia, has commissioned an extensive online programme to support a blended training approach to support future tranches of schools.  TSI has been closely involved with the development of this programme which is now due to be tested by 1000 schools before further roll out from there.

Richard Cummins signing the contract with Agensi Invovasi Malaysia (AIM).

Photo Left: Richard Cummins (TSI) and Eddie Razak, Education Manager                             

 Photo Right: The iThink Team with Richard Cummins (TSI)

Training Malaysia 2012


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