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Free Resources

Available to everyone!  Categorised into five dimensions for developing thinking, this area offers free access to a large number of resources on different thinking tools and approaches. These range from practical to informative – and are well worth a look…

Select a dimension to learn more and access further resources.

  • Cognitive Processes (including Bloom’s Taxonomy, 3 storey intellect)
  • Enquiry Methods  (including Enquiry and Questioning™, Philosophy for Children)
  • Dispositions  (including Habits of Mind™, Howard Garner’s Multiple intelligences)
  • Learning Modalities (including Visual Tools for Thinking and Thinking Maps ®)
  • Creativity (including Six Hats Thinking™ and Tony Ryan’s Thinkers Keys™)

As the circle map below indicates, there are many different approaches to develop these types of thinking.  Hover over the topics on the map and an explanation will appear.

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