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Resources Overview

TSI offers access to a wealth of thinking skills and resources to add to the thinking toolbox throughout each stage of becoming a Thinking School.

  • Growing Thinking Schools Guide Excerpts – Available to everyone.  This guide provides the starting point for the journey towards becoming a ‘Thinking School’ of the 21st Century.  This resource area gives examples in the form of excerpts from the guide, to give a taste of what’s on offer.
  • Free resources – Available to everyone. Categorised into five dimensions of thinking, this area offers free access to a large number of resources on different thinking tools and approaches.  These range from practical to informative – and are well worth a look!
  • Thinking Schools Resources – the four areas below are available to Network Schools only who have received training in one or all of the specific pathways.
  • Bookstore – Access to an extensive range of carefully selected ‘thinking’ books covering theory, practical ideas, classroom activities
  • Lumibooks – Focused on Thinking Schools, specially designed interactive ‘cloud’ books that offer the most engaging and interactive learning experience available.
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