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Thailand’s Ministry of Education support TSI Asia’s ’9 Schools 9 Provinces’ Project

Posted on the 25th June 2017

TSI Asia brings another school on board its innovative ‘Nine Schools, Nine Provinces’ project.

On June 5th 2017, the Minister of Education in Thailand, Dr Thirakiat Charoen Satsilp presided over a signing ceremony between Thinking Schools Asia, Dusit School from Ratchaburi province and Mr Chanin Vongkusolkit from Banpu PLC, one of the leading energy companies in the Asian Pacific region.  

IMG_6657 (002)

L-R: Petchuda Kesprayura (TSI Asia/Dusit School)), Patricia Benjapolchai (Asia Empowerment School), Dr. Thirakiat Charoen Setasilp (Ministry of Education), Mr. Chanin Vongkusolkit (Banpu PLC), Ms. Phuttha Kedprayoon (Acting School Director)

The Minister was present to support and ‘to bear witness to this private sector project that is in line with education reform and Prime Minister of Thailand’s aim, to teach Thai children to think.  This whole school approach promotes the idea of ​​”Growing Thinking Schools from the Inside Out”, so teachers and lecturers are encouraged to support their pupils teaching and learning.’

As part of the TSI Asia project, ‘9 Schools 9 Provinces’, this is the fourth such signing between TSI Asia, a school and a private sector organisation.  The project is now in its second year and using the expertise of TSI Asia, aims to develop participating schools, all of whom are being privately sponsored, as model ‘Thinking Schools’. There are a further 5 schools planned to join this coming year. It is hoped that each of these ‘hub’ schools will then become centres of excellence for other schools in the province to come and experience the Thinking Programme first hand.  The duration of the project is 3 years and there will be ongoing evaluation throughout the project.

TSI Asia 1

Thinking students collaborating

According to a News Release from the Ministry of Education, the feedback to this whole school approach to thinking from the three initial participating schools has been very encouraging. The project ‘has transformed the provincial schools into recognized ones; students have a better academic achievement, parents are more interested in sending their children to study and students are responding to their learning and collaboration.  Additionally, teachers are committed to change their way of teaching to a more facilitative approach, employing activities and techniques to encourage children to think more.  The students are engaged and enjoying their learning, being more daring to ask and answer questions. The proportion of admissions to high school in the province has also increased.’

TSI Asia was born from a business partnership between Thinking Schools International and Amnnuay Silpa School (ANS) Bangkok, Thailand.  Amnnuay Silpa School has been implementing a Thinking Programme since 2009 and achieved its first accreditation with Exeter University in 2013 – it was the First Thinking School in Asia.  In January 2016,  ANS was accredited by Exeter University’s Cognitive Education Department as An Advanced Thinking School – the first and only school outside of the UK to achieve such a status.

photo3TSI-Asia is now helping schools across Thailand and other South-East Asian countries to implement similar programmes.  Through organising workshops, training seminars and opportunities to observe good practice, ANS has established itself as the Hub of Excellence in Asia.  Currently, in addition to the ‘9 schools 9 provinces’ project, TSI-Asia is working with a number of schools in Malaysia, some of whom were part of the original I-Think project launched by the Malaysian Government.  This is a reflection of the ANS Foundation’s commitment to improving education not just within Amnuay Silpa but across the country. 

Full News Release from the Office of the Education Minister, Thailand

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