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STEP 2 Creating an Action Plan

During the workshop, our internationally certified facilitator introduces your school faculty to the “big picture” vision of the journey of a “Thinking School” over multiple years. We commit to supporting you in creating your own vision and plan for Growing a Thinking School—from the Inside Out.  To this end, you and your colleagues will be systematically introduced to and explore 5 Dimensions, or pathways, for developing student thinking and performance, and improving teacher effectiveness as well.  We use a highly collaborative “jigsaw” process for engaging every faculty member in the investigation of these 5 Dimensions for Developing Thinking. 

By the end of the workshop, all participants will experience practical applications of these 5 Dimensions using different models, approaches, techniques and tools.  After the workshop your leadership team, comprised of teachers, administrators, and governors (school board members), then collaborate with us to draft an Action Plan and focal point for school-wide implementation grounded in a comprehensive vision, broad outline, and criteria for Thinking School developed by Emeritus Professor Bob Burden of Exeter University. 

STEP 1:  Introductory Professional Development Workshop

STEP 3:  Focused Implementation

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