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TSI Newsletter  Issue 16 – Nov 2017

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Press articles featuring the work of Thinking Schools International

indexDeseret News – January 2015   From Mississippi to Malaysia, a mold-breaking model is helping kids learn to think  - An overview of the development of Thinking Schools International.

drama-magazineDrama Magazine – Summer 2014    Using Process Drama in a Thinking Maps School – An action research project in a primary school in West London.

SLT_6.2_Cover_School Leadership Today – September 2013
   Unleash your Inner Evaluator - Dr Dave Walters, Deputy Principal Clyst Vale Community College, explores the benefits of meaningful self-evaluation and research and how it plays a vital role for developing individual and whole-school practice.


Times Educational Supplement – August 2013   How to teach thinking skills   Created by Darren Evans.  Thinking skills are being heralded as central to classroom success and important for students’ futures – but can they be taught?

imagesTimes of India – June 2013 Teachers focus on new approach to Learning - A report on the visit by TSI Global Trainer, Teresa Williams, who is running training and workshops in Pune for School Principals to be introduced to the concept of a whole school approach to thinking and what it means to be a Thinking School. 

PDT17.1_Cover_Professional Development Today – May 2013   Thinking to Learn – Are our classrooms fettered by a narrow, data and results driven curriculum and unimaginative teaching? A question posed by the Headteacher of St. Robert of Newminster sSecondary School in his quest to produce a community of teachers thinking deeply about the relationship between teaching and learning.

Screen_shot_2013_05_15_at_10.40.40_AM Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) – May 2013  Amazed at implementation speed …in this article, Martin Bell, TSI Global Trainer, speaks to HOTS magazine about how he got involved in thinking skills which gave him the opportunity to train teachers in Malaysia.


Special, UK – Feb 2013  Special Needs School is a Thinking School – Article on Barbara Priestman Academy’s thinking school approach.  Special is a leading special and additional needs magazine. This article explores how the Barbara Priestman Academy in Sunderland worked on the development of a programme to encourage their pupils to think more creatively. Carolyn Barker discusses their journey.

indexThe Star online, Malaysia – Mar 2013  The following three articles give insight into the journey of creating a Thinking School, what’s involved and the impact it’s had to date, for schools in Malaysia that are taking part in the i-THINK programme.
Creating Thinking Schools
Charting The Future with Maps
Praise for the programme
For more information about the i-Think programme in Malaysia, see here

logo_smallPrimary Teacher Update, UK – Dec 2012  Putting Thinking at the Heart of Learning - Patrick Affley, headteacher at Christ the King Catholic Primary in Cardiff, explains why his school chose to become a Thinking School and what this label means.  For more ‘case studies’ on schools that have become ‘thinking schools’ see here.

Publication1Valley News, New Hampshire, USA – 3 Jan 2012  A Thinking Man’s Guide to Thinking – An article on David Hyerle and the development of his Thinking Maps.

The Sabah Times, Malaysia - 24 Oct 2012  This article looks at the impact of the iThink project on both students and teachers. For more information about TSI and the iThink project in Malaysia,  click here

SecEd, UK – 11 Oct 2012   Rochester Grammar is an Advanced Thinking School. In this article Denise Shepherd explains how and why the school has put thinking at the heart of its curriculum.

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For more information how to take on a whole school approach to the teaching of thinking, click here.

 Leadership Focus, UK.  Sep/Oct 2012 -This article focus’s on Carolyn Barker,  Lead Teacher at Barbara Priestman School, and on how becoming a Thinking School has contributed to raised achievements and attainments of the pupils.

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