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Licensing Agreements

Publication1 (640x628)Thinking Schools International is a multinational company, based in the United Kingdom and operating in countries across the world.  Details of the countries where we are working can be found here.

TSI has a unique approach to the teaching of thinking. The key is that schools take a holistic approach, which places thinking at the heart of the curriculum. Evidence obtained through a survey undertaken by the University of Exeter shows that this whole school approach contributes to raised attainment and the development of students as independent learners. See details of the report.

Committed to 21st Century Learning, the TSI Approach suits education systems anywhere in the world.  Currently TSI is working with a number of government agencies as well as training organisations.  For example, in Malaysia, TSI is a partner in the i-THINK project which aims to develop all Malaysian state schools (10,000) as thinking schools using our model.  In Lithuania we are working closely with two Lithuanian training agencies, and now have a team of 6 National Trainers who are training new thinking schools.  We are involved in many other partnerships worldwide.

From the enquiries we frequently receive from around the world it is clear that there is considerable interest in our approach and we are happy to receive enquiries from organisations interested in entering into a partnership through a licensing agreement.  In order to enter into a partnership with TSI, organisations should fulfil the following criteria:

  • Have the capacity to operate effectively within the proposed geographical area of activity.  This means that there should be a team of effective    trainers/consultants either already in place or created.
  • Have an understanding of education within the proposed geographical area of activity
  • Invest in initial training in situ by one of TSI’s global trainers.

Full details of the licensor’s and licensee’s responsibilities and obligations will be forwarded to interested parties. However in summary TSI will provide the following:

  • Full training for a team of national trainers
  • A comprehensive portfolio of trainers materials
  • A comprehensive portfolio of training materials for teachers
  • On going support throughout the period of the licence
  • Membership of an international network of licensees and other partners

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