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Read these testimonials from some of the many teachers and educationalists who have been involved with Thinking Schools International and the TSI whole school approach

St BenetsAbout the TSI Approach

‘I was going to email as well to let you know about our results – we came top of the borough and second in London. I thought you would like to know because we can link this directly to our involvement with TSI and an improved understanding of how to develop thinking in children. In particular, we had the most level 6s we’ve ever had! ‘
Asst Head Teacher, Whittingham Primary Academy, UK 2016

‘We want students who are able to think critically, reflectively and creatively, to be able to analyse and ask questions, to be able to listen with empathy, to be able to persist and these are the skills a thinking based curriculum can offer students ….. We became a Thinking School six years ago and this also involved a change in the role of teachers, moving to a much more student centered style of learning where the teacher is now acting as a facilitator of learning.’  Principal, Amnuay Silpa School, Thailand

From the Principal in a Thinking School in Oslo – Feb 2016 – ‘Here are some quotes about being a thinking from our teachers:
-    It helps the students to see the whole picture, not just fragments
-    A thinking school is dynamic school, be able to change ideas, it’s listening to all the different people/students being there
-    To educate clever and autonomous students with competence which they can continue to reflect upon and develop
-    It helps the students sorting their ideas about a theme
-    Expand the mind and way of thinking, inspire and motivate the students to reflect, teacher talking less, new approach to problem solving
-    Students learn in a better way and “think better”‘

‘This approach has transformed the way we work … we are truly a 21st Century school, concerned not just with what our students learn but with how they learn, and how they grow in confidence, independence and critical thinking.’ Executive Principal, Rochester Grammar School, UK

‘All of these tools and strategies have incontestably contributed in improving the quality of the teaching and learning in our school.  It is also important to point out that since the introduction of this particular approach to teaching and learning, the results at Barton Court have noticeably improved.’ Caroline Benard-Grosso, Asst Headteacher, Barton Grammar School, UK

‘I am certain Thinking Schools methods can be applied in many areas ….I have also observed after the training, teachers were reflective and discussing about the thinking tools, how they used them and the challenges they faced. This has improved interdepartmental relations and collaboration among teachers and student.  We are also planning to train parents to create even a better collaboration.’ Founder and Managing Director Addis Ababa Education Bureau Government School, Ethiopia

 ‘The introduction of Thinking Skills into our curriculum has had significant impact upon the learning behaviours of our pupils.  Children have always been confident in this school but we have seen that even this has grown as they are able to articulate their thoughts better because of the structure given to them in the thinking tools we use’ Carol Lawrenson, Headteacher, Ditton Centre of Education, UK

Children from Whitchurch Primary School

Children from Whitchurch Primary School

‘Fundamentally the biggest impact has been that the children are more independent in their work, work more effectively collaboratively and there is a huge sense of trust between the teacher and the pupil and this in itself creates the kind of environment that leads to deep learning’  Headteacher,  St. Benet’s RC Primary School, UK

About TSI Training

“Just wanted to say thanks – Helen did a fantastic job today and was inspiring to see her in action and talk to teachers about how they were developing their thinking skills.” London Junior School, Sep 2016

‘The day with Terry went extremely well – we all enjoyed it a great deal and found it stimulating and most fruitful. Although we now need to really absorb it all ourselves and obviously put it into practice, we felt that Terry gave us a really thorough ‘workout’!  She was efficient, to the point, enormously helpful and effective. She had taken great care to design the day to meet our specific needs and to familiarise herself with the Model of Education that we are using. We very much appreciated this.  All in all it was a complete success – now it is up to us! Director of Studies, London Girls School, 2016


Inset training day with TSI

‘I was just about to send you an email to thank you for all your help and support.  Yesterday was great and all staff left the day feeling inspired and, more importantly, onboard for the journey ahead!  Nick covered a lot of information in the day and the staff feel confident in using each map.  We particularly liked the way the inset was sequenced with the context and use of circle map to introduce visual tools.  The jigsaw activity was a useful opportunity for active learning.  We have constructed an action plan for implementation and ensured staff meeting times have been allocated for reflection and sharing best practice.  Thank you again for all your support.  I realise this is just beginning of the journey and look forward to working with you in the future.’ Deputy Head Teacher from Middlesex Primary School, 2015

‘Just to confirm that our day with TSI was brilliant!  The staff were thinking it might be a bit dry apparently, but many of them approached me during the day and afterwards to say they found it all extremely useful and relevant, which hasn’t always been the case when we’ve had training days.  Stuart was great – it was good to have a working head deliver the training as opposed to someone without that experience – please let him know how well received he was.  I had an A4 printed sheet placed on my desk by 4:30pm that night from my Y3/4 team stating what maps they would be using this term to teach which areas of the curriculum, so that gives you an idea of the excitement generated’ Headteacher from Bedfordshire Primary School 2015

‘Just a quick email to say how much I enjoyed the recent conference. Great to have such a small and friendly group! Terri is fantastic and I learned so much more. Left feeling inspired and motivated!’  Hounslow Primary School Teacher, 2015

‘Thank you for the training – it was very useful.   Staff thought it was:
•    Practical
•    Relevant
•    Hands on
•    Useful
•    Can see the benefits for teaching and learning
•    Well explained and delivered.

We couldn’t think of anything to improve. I think you covered it all.  Thank you again for the wonderful training. Headteacher, Hounslow Primary School, 2014

‘We had a great day. Bernadette engaged all staff and all staff have ‘bought in’ to Thinking Maps, we’re very excited at the positive impact that we believe will occur as we introduce and embed the maps into our curriculum.’  Headteacher, Junior School in Vale of Glamorgan

 ’Our teachers found yesterday’s session very useful and it has had an immediate impact with our Year 3 and 4 teachers already using the Circle Map this morning!   There was a very good balance between the theory and the practical which, again, our teachers appreciated.  It is up to us now to develop our use of Thinking Maps into the curriculum in a progressive manner – our co-ordinator for thinking has some ideas on how best to achieve this which will become part of our School Improvement Plan for 2013-14 and beyond.’ Headteacher – Primary School in Bridgend

‘We thoroughly enjoyed the first training and covered lots of ideas, sharing discussion and lots of opportunity for questions along the way. The hands on experiences of the thinking maps helped to understand the role and how they can be used in the classroom. Laura was well prepared and was able to answer all our questions.’ Headteacher from a school in Flintshire 

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