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TSI is continually developing partnerships with like minded organisations to keep building on the breadth of the thinking schools network and it’s depth of experience.  In particular, collaboration with organisations overseas is essential to enable effective implementation and ongoing development of thinking school practices and methods within different countries across the world.  Further information about licensing agreements can be found here.

 Centre for Teaching Thinking and Dialogue , University of Exeter,  brings together researchers engaged in educational futures research and development activity.  Their work spans formal and informal learning from the early years through to adult learning and higher education and they collaborate closely with TSI.  The CREATE andTHINK research groups are both constituent parts of the Centre for Teaching Thinking and Dialogue.  THINK stands for teaching THinking through INteraction for the Knowledge age and researches ways of teaching for thinking, metacognition and creativity in the context of the global shift towards a knowledge society and the associated interest in education for knowledge age skills with a particular focus on teaching thinking and metacognition through social interaction.  The THINK group also collaborates with Thinking Schools International in the Cognitive Education Development Unit.

NISAI_rework.epsThe Nisai Group is a multifaceted education and skills provider focused on transforming the education landscape through blended and differentiated learning. Our blended learning approach offers a fully inclusive education and skills provision, including apprenticeships, delivered using technology and focusing on children through to adults.  Nisai takes all the benefits of a school and replicates it online through the Nisai Virtual Academy or ‘NVA’, creating an inclusive community that all students can access. Nisai engages students by providing a student-focused community where students can gain accredited qualifications such as GCSEs, Functional Skills and A Levels and short-term provision for transitions and boosters.  Nisai Learning

 Eminence Social Entrepreneurs, Ethiopia. Eminence-SE was founded with keen interest in growing social entrepreneurship in Ethiopia as a means to tackle poverty and thus enhance the achievement of the desired development levels set for Ethiopia.“Thinking Schools Ethiopia” is run by Eminence Social Entrepreneurs PLC in collaboration with “Thinking Schools International”.

Inspiration Training Centre, Cairo
TSI and Inspiration became official partners in 2015 from which TSI Egypt has developed.  Inspiration Training Centre operates in Egypt and has worked in the educational sector since 2009.  The organization works on developmental processes from young learners to postgraduates in order to introduce high caliber individuals able to work in different business branches with high efficiency and productivity.  Inspiration Company Profile

Thinking Maps, Inc. is an educational consulting and publishing company specializing in providing professional staff development for K-12 schools across the country. Their primary focus is the implementation, on a school-wide and district-wide basis, of Thinking Maps®, a common visual language for learning within and across disciplines.

SAPERE is the internationally recognized educational charity that promotes Philosophy for Children (P4C) in the UK. Based in Oxford, it was established in 1993. Our 60 committed, professional trainers provide specialist training for teachers and all school personnel. SAPERE provides training at three levels and supports a growing network of P4C trainers and practitioners across the UK. Philosophy for Children (P4C) is a powerful teaching method that boosts children’s thinking and learning skills. SAPERE’s acclaimed P4C training courses work successfully with any age group or ability and have a positive impact with teachers and learners across the whole school.

School_Improvement_Network_LogoSchool Improvement Network  In 2014 TSI entered into an exciting partnership with SINET, looking at how the Thinking School concept could be adopted in the US.  Planning is currently underway – alongside the development of the ‘Growing Thinking Students in Thinking Schools’ LUMIbook – an interactive online book that includes everything you need to know to become a Thinking School.

Habits of Mind are defined as the dispositions that are skillfully and mindfully employed by characteristically successful people when confronted with problems, the solutions to which are not immediately apparent. The Habits of Mind have been adopted by many many schools from all over the world as a way of clarifying educational goals for students. They provide a framework and common language for students, teachers, school leadership, parents and the wider school community to share when discussing and planning for the development of student thinking.





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